Home and Business Defensive Tactics Security Surveys

We have had several requests for “Home and Business Defensive Tactics Security Surveys” from numerous families and businesses, including schools and churches, water, power and other utility plants and sensitive sites. The instructor is certified to conduct Risk Assessment Methodology (RAM-W) for water plants as mandated by former President Bush. In addition, there have been inquiries from churches due to the threat of terrorist attack.


To harden your home, church public place and/or business in order to reduce the potential for terrorist and criminal attack to include, but not limited to, sabotage, burglary, kidnapping, extortion, murder and terrorist attack and to break up the dynamics of attack in the possible catastrophic event of a home or business invasion. This includes the understanding of nuclear, chemical, biological, truck bomb and aerial attacks.

The Survey

The on-site and detailed Threat Assessment/Security Survey involves identification and possible alteration of weak areas such as, but not limited to, doors, locks, windows, lighting, blind spots, cameras and alarms. We will identify the hard spots necessary for lawful and reasonable defensive tactics utilizing Special Operations Techniques. We rehearse said tactics optimizing potential for survival in the event of criminal/terrorist attack as it typically begins when we inadvertently open the door to intruders or they simply break in.

We routinely interface with certain professional entities, i.e. locksmiths, alarm companies, electricians, glass protection services including window treatments and home hardening construction specialists. In addition, it is suggested a special dog handler will confirm your home; vehicles and business are in fact drug free.

We provide body armor, subtle armoring of “vehicles” and personal equipment. For certain security situations, certified armed or unarmed security officers are available.

If you are being stalked, feel threatened or have drug dealers and/or sex offenders in your neighborhood, we may be able to help.

Point of Contact

Gary W. Belson was the Founder and Primary Instructor of the Joint Military & Law Enforcement Hostage Rescue Anti-Terrorism School located at Fort Gordon, GA. Read more about Gary or contact us.

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