Concealed Weapons License Training Course

This class satisfies Florida State Statute 790.06 for application to lawfully carry a concealed weapon. Gary W. Belson is a Certified NRA Instructor. Each course is 1 hour, by appointment. View the current schedule.

We will provide the State of Florida Application, training registration forms, training certificate and helpful information documents. In addition, we will provide a synopsis of the process required for the CWP Application submission. Currently, there are 35 states plus Florida that will honor your CWP.

You will be required to competently load, discharge and unload your handgun safely. You will need a functional, safe to fire handgun of your choice, 25 rounds of ammunition and adequate eye and ear protection. If you do not have a pistol, we may be able to help with a solution.

The course fee is $35.00 plus a $15.00 classroom fee per person. To cover the academic portion of the course, it is SUGGESTED you purchase the soft cover book for $34.50 plus sales tax, “Florida Firearms Law, Use & Ownership” by Jon H. Gutmacher, Esq. This 7th edition book is used in 80 law enforcement agencies, 7 Florida police academies and every appellate court including the Florida Supreme Court and is updated frequently.

All firearms are to be unloaded and separated from ammunition when arriving to the class facility or departing the firing line. Firearms must be securely contained in a holster or case.

Fast Track Concealed Weapon License Application Instructions

Point of Contact

Gary W. Belson was the Founder and Primary Instructor of the Joint Military & Law Enforcement Hostage Rescue Anti-Terrorism School located at Fort Gordon, GA. Read more about Gary or contact us.

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