Anti-Kidnapping Seminar for Children and Young Adults

The Anti-Kidnapping Seminar will consist of a re-enactment of the kidnapping of Carlie Bruscia, an 11 year old girl, which took place in a Sarasota car wash. We will demonstrate how to not be approached and if approached how to run fast and scream loud. If grabbed, how to break away, and if all else fails, how to fight for survival. We will also demonstrate what to do if a weapon is displayed.

The on-site rehearsal of scenarios and the Seminar will take place at a predetermined site. This event will be scheduled and located subject to approval of participating parties. The seminar will be presented to students from kindergarten to college age. The Training Team will be members of Gary W. Belson Associates, Inc. (The Belson Group), local law enforcement, school teachers, parents and volunteers. The rehearsal and classroom preparation will take about 1 hour prior to the start time of the 1 to 2 hour seminar. If possible, a gymnasium or other suitable facility such as a recreation center to include a parking lot is desired. All personnel who participate agree to do so at their own risk. The media to include TV Stations may be present if there are no objections.

To schedule a seminar, contact The Belson Group.

Point of Contact

Gary W. Belson was the Founder and Primary Instructor of the Joint Military & Law Enforcement Hostage Rescue Anti-Terrorism School located at Fort Gordon, GA. Read more about Gary or contact us.

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