Advanced Police, Military and Civilian Close Quarter Defensive Tactics Course

This is a 16 hour course offered to police, military and civilian law enforcement personnel. This “Extreme Dynamic Course” (EDC) involves technical subjects, i.e. “Body Armor,” “Sniper Acquisition by Sonic Determination” and aspects of team movement. There will be live-fire against body armor test targets, concealment and cover objects to include a car. Participants will attain training in speed loading, shooting drills, instinctive/disorientation shooting and multiple target transition (Mossad) drills. There will be a demonstration and practical exercise utilizing the British SAS Fixed Car Fighting Technique and Curb Shooting used with success in Northern Ireland. In addition there will be team movement containment exercises. The team will be trained in angles, corners, building entry, live fire-clearing dynamic and linear structures. Building clearing/rescue operations will be initiated by coordinated sniper fire and light/sound distraction devices if available and practical. This special course is offered to persons completing the 8 Hour “Basic with Defensive Tactics Course” or law enforcement certified.

Personal Equipment

  • Firearms – duty handgun with 6ea magazines minimum, with your choice of/and shotgun, SMG, AR
  • Ammunition – 1,000 rds, handgun, 50 rds 12gauge slugs and/or ”00”; or 250 rds AR
  • Clothing and Personal Equipment – tactical uniform to include holster and gun belt rig suitable for tactical operations. Running shoes suggested. Body armor and hearing/eye protection required.
  • Miscellaneous – gun cleaning kit required, note book and pen, sun screen and bug repellent
  • Sustenance – 2 gallons of water, 1 quart of Gatorade/10K, lunch, snacks and soft drinks (well iced) per day


Upon completion of this course certificates of training will be issued. This course qualifies for Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Mandatory Retraining Credits under the High Liability part.

Class Date and Location

The course is subject to scheduling in a secure area. Contact The Belson Group to set up a time.


The class costs $495.00 per person (minimum requirements if we travel; three two-day classes with 10 participants per class). Deposit of 50% in advance or written binding purchase order/invitation. If deposit is made, balance guaranteed by irrevocable letter of credit, assignable, in a bank designated by Gary W. Belson Associates, Inc. Expenses such as travel, per diem etc. are additional. If by local or federal government Purchase Order, no deposit is required. Additional daily rate per person is $150.00

Point of Contact

Gary W. Belson was the Founder and Primary Instructor of the Joint Military & Law Enforcement Hostage Rescue Anti-Terrorism School located at Fort Gordon, GA. Read more about Gary or contact us.

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