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Gary W. Belson

Gary W. Belson

Mr. Gary W. Belson, was the founder and primary instructor of the Joint Military and Law Enforcement Hostage Rescue Anti-terrorism School, located at Fort Gordon, Georgia. He continues to train law enforcement and military security force personnel in Special Operations, on and off military sites. Conducted a special Congressionally mandated Emergency National Security Project at the Savannah River Plant DOE in Aiken South Carolina. Results of this project were entered into the Congressional Record. Involved in anti-piracy operations, conducted penetrations and Anti-terrorist Threat Assessments of sensitive sites to include NRC Nuclear Power Plants and DOE sites. Provided special consulting services in Europe, Africa, Malaysia, Central and South America, Asia and the Philippines.

Mr. Belson participated in a site survey for the Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction. The mission was to determine the feasibility of setting up a choke point on the Caspian Sea in order to intercept Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC) and conventional weapons being smuggled from the Former Soviet Union (FSU) into Iran. To be more specific, we provided sub-contractor services to a company under contract with the Defense Nuclear Agency (DNA). The project was and continues to be the Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction under the Nunn-Lugar Act. The location was Kazakhstan in the former Soviet Union; a Muslim Country located on the Western side of the Caspian Sea. With the collapse of the USSR, the Caspian Sea was left unguarded. The Nunn-Lugar Act funded a site survey for the purpose of setting up a choke point to intercept organized crime forces smuggling Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction southward through the Caspian Sea into Iran. The four Russian and one Chechnian mob families numbering approximately 100,000 individuals were/are staffed with former KGB, Spetnatz and GRU personnel as operators and enforcers. The military had also been substantially compromised by providing WMD items and conventional weapons for sale to terrorist countries. Mr. Belson developed the operational plan for continuation of the project resulting from information obtained during the Threat Assessment and Survey.

Mr. Belson recently provided Threat Assessments and Security Surveys at two south Florida Water Plants; specifically the North Springs Improvement District (NSID) District II North and Coral Springs Improvement District (CSID) District I South, both located in South Florida. He also provided threat assessments and surveys for commercial companies and numerous individual homes. He is certified in the Risk Assessment Methodology for Water Plants (RAM-W) effective 15 August 2002.

He has provided Threat Assessments and Surveys of Nuclear Power Plants, developed equipment for the multi-layered defense of Nuclear Power Plants and other sensitive sites. These commercial generating stations are located in NRC Regions I, II, III and V; Point Beach, DC Cook, Palisades, Davis-Besse, Perry, North Anna, Susquehanna, Limerick, Millstone, Pilgrim I and Diablo Canyon. Briefed high level Security Personnel of several of these sites listed above. In addition, briefed members of the NRC, DOE Headquarters and others present. Briefings to security managers involved technical training in roadway denial (anti-truck bomb attacks), fixed, semi-fixed and portable ballistic barricades, high intensity lighting, armored vehicles, bullet resistant materials, personal armor, tactics and anti-truck bomb threat assessment. He assessed technical aspects of improving security operations as a result of escorted penetrations to include suggestions with respect to personnel and training.

Mr. Belson has provided Safe Streets Seminars to the FAA Air Traffic Controllers, Florida Police Chiefs Association wives, local schools, hospitals, homeowner’s associations, Military Bases and club organizations. In addition, he provided this seminar to the Jacksonville Contingency Planners and a follow-on seminar with respect to Weapons of Mass Destruction.

He continues to be a consultant to companies doing business with the federal government, governments friendly to the United States and provides home, business and water plant threat analysis and surveys.

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